About Us

About Screen Memories

Screen Memories is a project that has naturally developed out of our experience from creating and running groups focused on Sports Memories.  By using cinema and TV it has given us the scope to expand the use of reminiscence in a group experience and deliver the concept to a wider audience. 

Screen Memories are run on a volunteer basis.  Our volunteers are fully trained, have full disclosure and experienced in using reminiscence in this way and our aim is to recruit and train others so the community can grow and be a regular part of someone’s social life

What do we do?

Pre Covid -19, we travelled around the country and visited care homes, Library groups, local community centres or basically anywhere where a group of people get together and are interested in movies, TV and archive footage from their local area. 

Who do we help?

Our main experience has been with groups of people who are living with dementia and their carers.  However over the year we have seen how the group concept appeals to people who don’t suffer in this way but have a keen interest in film and are interested in connecting with others who share this interest.   We have also found the mix of people stimulates all members of the group and has been very positive. 


Our volunteers are vital to the continued success of this project as we cover all of Scotland including the most remote parts as well as other parts of the UK.  We have found that using local knowledgeable people strengthens the feeling of community the groups create.   We also link up with primary and high schools to help develop a cross generational link within the wider community.